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    River Rapids and Mountain Trails Pvt. Ltd.…….trails across the manifold bounties & mysteries of nature’s greatest spectacle, ‘The Indian Himalaya’. Ours is a world on its own, far away from existential anxieties & nerve throbbing pressures. The aim being that whatever holiday you choose, it will invigorate, rejuvenate & revitalize your energies.

    At River Rapids and Mountain Trails Pvt. Ltd. we have the twin objectives of catering to avante garde, adrenaline pumping adventure as well as giving you access to a uniquely different holiday experience in nature’s verdant lap where you can explore & learn about the many facets of the Indian Himalayas or simply relax in their splendor. So whether you’d like an all out adventure trip in Uttarakhand’s adventure haven, or simply explore the bewitching beauty & strangeness of Ladakh, or perhaps a bit of both in the bountiful Himachal, let us take you where you want to go……..

A young company still, River Rapids and Mountain Trails Pvt. Ltd. is run & owned by Anil & Puja Bisht.

    After having worked in the field of River Rapids and Mountain Trails Pvt. Ltd. since the tender age of twelve Anil has known no other life. As a professional mountain & river guide he has successfully led & participated in innumerable mountain climbing expeditions & run most of the great Indian rivers. A dreamer by nature he has the special ability to make you overcome most fears & by doing so reach never before heights within yourself.

    Diametrically opposite, Puja is the quintessential backdrop person, bringing organizational efficacy & practicality to the team. Taking care of the mundane details & the ‘have to be done’ chores being her forte. An inborn love for the great outdoors & having traveled extensively since childhood equips her to be the perfect hostess in any situation.

    River Rapids and Mountain Trails Pvt. Ltd. also boasts of an efficient & hardworking staff who have been with us since before the inception of this company. Like a well oiled machine, we cannot do without our nuts & bolts & are confident that our staff is equipped to handle any situation thrown at them.

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