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TENTS: Your tent is a large comfortable place with twin occupancy. As the camp boasts of an “into nature” character, there is no electricity. Lanterns are provided for lighting at night & are also situated at strategic points all over the camp. Please remember to keep your Lantern outside the tent before you retire for the night.

FACILITIES: We have a facilities area with regular flush toilets and showers with running hot and cold water. Do help us keep these clean by proper disposal of waste such as cigarrette butts, bottles, sanitary napkins, baby diapers & all other associated plastics in the bins provided.

SURROUNDING: Camp Ganga Riviera comprises of 2 large beaches, a good-sized grass meadow & a picturesque waterfall close by. The entire camp is on the banks of the river “Ganga”. Please be careful near all water bodies regardless of whether you know swimming or not. At night the entire camp is dimly lit & hence needs more care.

SWIMMING/KAYAKING: Do enjoy the river & silver sand beaches. While swimming or kayaking in the river or even if you’re simply splashing around, always wear a life jacket. Remember to have a camp member around you while in the river.

LITTERING: For the period of your stay with us you will be amidst nature at its best. Keep in mind to respect the same. Please avoid littering the camp & use the dustbins provided instead. Cigarette butts take at least 10 years to decompose & we would be grateful if you would dispose them in the bins.

DINING & MEALS: We serve 3 meals a day, breakfast, hot or river lunch as per your schedule & dinner. Also evening tea & soup is offered. Since this is a camp all meals are served in the Dining Area only. Meals timings will be given to you at camp, kindly adhere to the same. If you’d like something additional, please feel free to ask & we will try & accommodate you as best as possible.

GAMES & RECREATION: We provide you with simple outdoor & indoor games like volleyball, darts, badminton, carom, playing cards & magazines. Everything is kept in the Dining Area & if you cannot locate something then please ask us.

EVENING CAMPFIRES: Evening campfires are a tradition with us & since we have a camp fire area do gather here in the evenings.

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