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ADVENTURE Un limited

Adrenaline pumping outdoor activities

White Water Rafting

Very few activities can match the pure energy high of white water rafting.   

Your rafting adventure begins right from our camp, going all the way to Rishikesh.

The distance from our camp to Rishikesh is 30 km by the river. We have divided it into 3 sections 

Section 1 

Camp ( Mahadev Chatti ) to Marine Drive

Features the wall - the biggest rapid on the river & Daniel’s Dip

Experience Daniel’s Dip


Section 2

Marine Drive to Shivpuri

Features Black Money, Three Blind Mice, Crossfire, Body Surfing, Shivpuri rapid

Section 3

Shivpuri to N.I.M. beach Rishikesh

Features Return to Centre, Roller Coaster, Tee Off, Golf Course, Club House, Initiation, Double Trouble

Note - Additional charges are applicable for  rafting activities.  A single section will cost Rs.1000- per person

Details available in check-out page

Your safety

is important to us

SAFETY FIRST is our Moto.

We own and maintain our rafts, ensuring they are river-worthy at all times. Our rafting guides are highly trained and experienced. They know how to keep you safe. But we don't stop there.

Every raft is accompanied by a safety kayaker. In the unlikely event of an accident these highly skilled rescuers can bring you to safety.

Complimentary activities

We offer a range of outdoor activities right around our camp. They are fun to do and will be under the safe guidance of our staff.

And they are absolutely FREE.


 We have our own kayaks with trained instructors to guide while you paddle around some placid stretches of the river around the camp. We also offer basic kayaking courses. 

Image by Yente Van Eynde


The rappelling face at camp is approximately 50 ft high, a rock surface with good footholds and slight overhangs and our staff is professionally trained in the usage of all equipment and all safety procedures.

Man Climbing


Our natural rock climbing surface is also about 50ft with enough natural cracks and holds to encourage inexperienced enthusiasts as well as overhangs and tricky spots to challenge the seasoned climbers.

Image by Josiah Gardner

Cliff jumping

We have cliff jumping points ranging from 5ft to about 40 ft all along by the riverside at the camp.


Cliff jumping at the camp is with lifejackets, to keep you safe and encourage even the nonswimmers, and in the presence of safety, kayaker to bring you back to shore. 


Unique to the camp, the hike to the waterfall is an activity that truly makes the stay at camp unforgettable. Walk upstream in knee-deep flowing water to reach the fall. The experience of standing under the gushing waters of the Himalayan stream is therapeutic.

Image by Jamie Fenn

Trekking & Day Hikes

The camp is surrounded by pristine forest with numerous trails. Hiking trips can be for a few hours, a full day or even 2-3 days with overnight stays organized in camps with all arrangements for meals as well as tents and sleeping bags.


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